WatersTechnology: Waters Wavelength Podcast: MayStreet’s Kimmel on the NMS Plan

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This week, Manisha Kimmel, chief policy officer at MayStreet, joins Jo Wright on the podcast. They get into the weeds on the NMS plan, the fee amendment, and the comment letters submitted to the SEC.

2:30 – Manisha joins the podcast. She gives an overview of her career before and at MayStreet.

7:30 – Manisha gives background on the so-called CT plan and the Market Data Infrastructure Rule.

9:00 – Litigation is holding up implementation of the plan.

15:30 – They talk about what exactly the fee amendment proposed.

18:30 – Manisha outlines the controversial debate around charging for market data based on cost versus value.

33:00 – What now? Manisha walks through what could happen next.

To listen to the full podcast, click here.