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Lossless raw data and associated feed handlers

Low-latency market data delivery with world-class feed handlers.

Never doubt the timeliness of your data again. Your low-latency trading strategies will be built upon the strongest of market data foundations with our advanced feed handlers that cover major trading venues globally.

Manage incoming market data using Bellport Enterprise. Key features include:

Key Benefits: Bellport Enterprise

The highest quality, most comprehensive source of raw PCAPs available on-demand for quants and pro shops.

High quality, nanosecond time stamped data. Access our repository of historical PCAP data for global, cross-asset class coverage.

Looking to perform micro-market structure research or analyze trade performance? Our Analytics Workbench allows users to analyze trade and market data with R or Python.

Key Benefits: MayStreet Market Data Lake
Case Study

Learn how multi-manager quantitative investment firm Engineers Gate leveraged Bellport Enterprise to expand its futures trading strategies globally.

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