MayStreet Expands US Equity Data Platform with the Addition of MEMX, MIAX Feeds

MayStreet, the industry’s leading market data infrastructure provider, today announced it has successfully completed testing of the MEMX and MIAX PEARL™ Equities data feeds and is ready to support clients trading on both during their anticipated launch dates of September 21 and September 25, respectively.

Michael Lehr, MayStreet CTO and Co-Founder, said: “MayStreet has long been committed to providing the highest-quality data feeds possible across a wide range of asset classes globally. With the launch next week of two new high-profile US equity exchanges, we’re pleased to be ready for Day One at each and help our clients ensure that they are meeting their Best Execution obligations.”

MayStreet is providing the top-of-book and full depth-of-book feeds for each exchange. For MEMX this includes MEMOIR Depth, TOP and NLS, and for MIAX this includes MIAX PEARL Equities DoM and ToM. MayStreet is directly collocated with each exchange in their primary data center – NY4 for both – as well as in their respective backup data centers for redundancy and error correction.

MayStreet clients interested in adding any of the feeds should contact to learn more.

About MayStreet

MayStreet’s market data infrastructure platform delivers the highest-quality, most complete capital markets data available. Combining ultra-low latency platform architecture with high-precision, full depth-of-book data, MayStreet allows its clients – which range from banks, market makers and quantitative investment firms to traditional asset managers, trading platform vendors and regulators – to gain deeper insights into how global capital markets operate. The platform delivers both real-time and “near-time” intraday historical data, supporting clients’ firm-wide workflows including trade execution and surveillance, performance analysis, historical back testing, end-of-day reporting, risk and compliance and more. For more information, visit

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