Executors Review: Concepts Breakout Group Report

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This is the report of the Executors review group 3: Concepts, of paper [P0443R13]. Over four one-hour meetings we reviewed sections 2.1, 2.2.2, 2.2.9 and 2.3.

Recommended actions were largely editorial:

1. Migrate the inheritance of receiver_invocation_error from the header synopsis to the class synopsis

2. Italicise unspecified items

3. Withdraw hyphens from exposition-only types unless there is precedent

4. Provide examples of user code that relies on concepts

5. Provide an annex of new identifiers being introduced

The findings below are a summary of the minutes, also attached for reference.

We found a few issues with the paper. Some have to do with a general lack of examples and the fact that the paper isn’t finished. Due to the seeming generality of the mechanism and lack of example guidance and discussion, it is difficult to program against it without running into subtle impedance mismatches in interfaces. Clearer guidance on “how you should use this” as opposed to just concept definitions would be very welcome.

As expected, the paper authors were extremely responsive during the review, and have already taken a number of issues under advisement.

We are looking forward to the next iteration of the paper.