CppCon 2021: Deploying the Networking TS

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The Networking TS provides a framework for writing asynchronous and network-aware applications. A framework which also promotes reusable and testable code. These platonic concerns are only part of software engineering however, and only a small part of the motivation for a framework. When all is said and done one must not merely prepare to reuse code but actually use it, not just test it but deploy it.

How is an actual, deployed application using the Networking TS structured? How do the principles of reusable, testable Networking TS code compose as one writes an actual application rather than a test suite? How can one integrate components which exist outside the Networking TS’s ecosystem into an application based on the Networking TS?

This talk will take the listener on a guided tour of a deployed application written using the Networking TS, the techniques employed to maintain the promises of the Networking TS while fulfilling the needs of an actual application, and how this lays the foundation not only to maintain the current application but also to author additional applications going forward as the deployment and maintenance cycle continues.