About Our Company

Better data means
smarter decisions.

Markets run on information. The more efficient the world’s capital markets become, the greater the need for streamlined delivery of high-quality market data.

By focusing on simplicity, we’ve built a platform where all market participants can benefit from both speed and precision. Easy to use, scalable and flexible, helping entire enterprises work together—that’s how we think and operate.

The Maystreet Story

Thinking creatively about market data infrastructure

Working at Maystreet

Capital markets through a technologist’s lens


An engineering-first culture

Founded by longtime developers with trading experience, everything we create is designed from the ground up with a clean, well-maintained code base that’s easy for good developers to program and build upon. With software engineering at our core, we recognize its value at the highest level and reward top engineering talent accordingly. If you’re ready for a challenging but satisfying work environment where you can have an immediate impact, please get in touch.

Job Opportunities

Check out our open job opportunities and learn more about our culture from current employees.

Job Opportunities