MayStreet Market Data Lake Fuels Babelfish Analytics’ Independent Routing Analysis

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“Our data needs are huge. Having a provider like MayStreet enables us to punch above our weight class and deliver routing and venue analytics that no other firm, whether fellow vendors or market participants with proprietary systems, can match. Combine that with the ability to quickly integrate new benchmarks and eliminate the tedium of cleansing and normalizing the data, and it is safe to say that MayStreet is a foundational partner in our work to shine a light on this industry.”

Linda Giordano, CEO – Babelfish Analytics



Babelfish Analytics provides analysis and consulting services to money managers, investors, brokers and trading venues in the equities space. Its product offerings include ClarityReveal, a tool for multi-broker routing and venue analysis, and ClarityAbsolute, a full-service TCA module.

The firm uses nanosecond tick data in its routing analyses and product offerings to enable a variety of advanced queries. Babelfish needed a provider capable of delivering this data in a fast, clean, user-friendly format.
Babelfish’s data vendor was unable to keep up with the firm’s increasingly rigorous requirements. This vendor’s data quality failed to meet Babelfish’s needs, and it consistently missed deadlines and went over budget, souring the relationship. The firm’s growing need for quality market data delivered hassle-free led it to seek a new provider.