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Bellport Enterprise

Ultra Low Latency Market Data Feed Handler. Minimal Footprint.


Proven technology for market participants that require low-latency market data of the highest quality.

Power your applications with market data feed handlers offering robust performance and comprehensive features.

MayStreet’s flagship Bellport Enterprise feed handler lets you extricate yourself from the difficult and costly work of sourcing and processing real-time market data across asset classes globally. With included libraries to power an array of applications, Bellport Enterprise offers a suite of easy-to-use tools for capture, normalization and book-building. And you’ll benefit from our deep understanding of the market data space and broad expertise in market data processing. You’ll have lower costs, improved decision-making and better performance.

Key Features

Advanced feed handler libraries. Configurable based on your application's needs.

Bellport Enterprise’s libraries let you power applications built in C++, Java or Python with real-time market data delivered as raw PCAP, normalized or formatted for book-building.


Captures real-time data for future processing


Monitors packet capture to detect any gaps and ensure lossless data


Transforms raw PCAPs into normalized data formats

End-to-end feed processing to ensure data quality.

Bellport Enterprise also supports arbitration across data feeds so you can leverage the best data source for each venue or consolidate across venues to construct the exact state of an order book. Bellport’s gap detection and filling also ensures you’re getting the highest quality and most complete market data. And because Bellport runs on standard hardware, change management is simplified and TCO is reduced.
Case Study

Learn how multi-manager quantitative investment firm Engineers Gate leveraged Bellport Enterprise to expand its futures trading strategies globally.

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