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Analytics Workbench

Our next-generation analytics environment takes the hassle out of working with market data


Say goodbye to data management and get right to work.

MayStreet developed Analytics Workbench with the analyst in mind. Using standard tools and our Springboards, we let you skip the grunt work and instead focus entirely on analyzing market microstructure, trading strategies or execution quality.

Analytics Workbench includes SQL access to MayStreet’s Market Data Lake with 20+ petabytes of data including Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 data feeds. You and your team will be powered by the highest quality top-of-book and depth-of-book data.

Key Features

Functionality to query and visualize capital markets data using tools you already know

Performance that meets your objectives

Achieve performance objectives with optimized cluster parallelization. Our Dask-based cloud execution platform allows users to execute ad-hoc or scheduled Python code inside AWS distributed across a custom number of processing nodes.

Reliable cloud security - yours or ours.


Get a lift as you dive into your analysis

Springboards are pre-configured, publicly hosted projects that can be downloaded into Workbench instances
These Springboards contain interactive examples of code, queries, and other tools. in Jupyter/SQL and are backed up with Markdown files containing documentation and walkthroughs
A user can download a Springboard into their Workbench directory and work with the supplied code as much as they wish
Request Details

Test drive Workbench. Reach out to us for a trial login.