Today, Price Transparency Comes At a Cost

The price discovery process in today’s capital markets is data driven and complex. Access to understanding data matters. Today, savvy firms are using technological sophistication to uncover unique insight into the markets. We can provide that sophistication. The future of trading is increasingly electronic. As markets grow more automated, split-second decisions are made by algorithmic engines, financial data needs to be designed as much for programmers as for traders.

The New Capital Markets Technology

We are using high-precision data to increase transparency and insight into global capital markets. MayStreet is the next generation capital markets platform delivering low-latency connectivity, high-precision data and sophisticated analytics to banks, brokers, investment managers and exchanges. Our cloud-based platform provides unique, high-quality datasets, analytics and monitoring tools to help you answer complex questions about contemporary markets.

MayStreet Advantage

Leverage High-Precision Data

No matter if you are trader, quant or software engineer, MayStreet gives you complete access to deeper, richer, high-precision, GPS time-stamped market data for equities, futures, options and FX. Benchmark your strategies, trading performance and data all in one place.

Gain Actionable Trading Insight

With MayStreet's cloud-based platform, you can analyze how your trades were priced in real-time. Our platform allows you to make sense of the vast financial data ocean, answer complex questions about contemporary markets and gain actionable trading insight now.

Elevate Transparency

When we say, data transparency comes first, we mean it. We start with richer, faster raw packet capture of every relevant piece of data - in other words, everything. This gives you more timely and accurate reporting, sophisticated surveillance and most important, improved real-time trading insight.

Differentiate with Modern Technology

MayStreet offers the most modern capital markets technology platform, high-precision data and sophisticated analytics. Clients benefit from connectivity to 125+ execution venues, cloud-based platform for complex financial analysis and our easy to use data-as-a-service (DaaS). Leverage the latest Silicon Valley technology to gain transparency and insight into capital markets.

Empower Your Algorithms

As markets grow more automated, split-second decisions are made by algorithms, financial data and analytics needs to be designed as much for developers as for traders. We seek elegant solutions that eliminate needless complexity, provide easy access to the highest-precision data and deliver developer tools that let you focus on what matters – finding real-time market insight.