MayStreet offers a high-precision, capital-markets aware, data monitoring solution built to manage the ultra-high quality pcap-level data capture.  Our solution, works in tandem with multiple hardware-capture solutions, including Solarflare and Napatech, it knows what to capture, how to capture it, how to validate it, and how to split and export it to multiple workflows.  Our market data feed handlers, capture and monitoring solutions work together to deliver an unprecedented level of data quality, critical insight and compliance.  Benchmark your capital markets data with MayStreet.

High-Precision Data Capture

We capture, monitor, validate, index and store high-precision capital markets data with accurate GPS time-stamps, both in normalized and raw pcap format.

Superior Accuracy

High-precision, loss-less capture with 100ns time accuracy to GPS.

Benchmark Your Data

Leverage MayStreet to benchmark, replay and validate your data. We help clients monitor market data gaps, health-check their connectivity to execution venues and provide latency analysis.

Easy Integration with Your Existing Workflow

Our monitoring solution is open by design and battle-tested with data feeds from over 125+ execution venues. No need to replace existing systems. MayStreet monitoring fits right into your existing workflow.

Critical Insight and Compliance

MayStreet software, Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) and analytics work together to help clients gain critical market insight into trading performance, market micro-structure and provide benchmarks for best execution, including MIFID II compliance.



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