MayStreet delivers low-latency, in-process market-data and order entry connectivity software to 125+ execution venues. Designed to be flexible and transparent, it provides the same interface for real-time and historical data, built from the ground up on a modern technology platform specifically designed for low-latency trading and data capture. Your firm no longer needs to be locked into highly siloed, restrictive, opaque technology.

All the Coverage You Need

We connect to 125+ execution venues in Americas, Europe and Asia for equities, futures, options, treasuries and FX.

Best-in-Class Feed Handlers

In-process, high-precision market data feed handlers and order entry connectivity. Gain faster time to new markets with MayStreet.

Ultra-Low Latency

1 – 5 us NIC to built order book. When we say ultra-low latency, we mean it.

One Step Ahead

Managing protocol changes for multiple execution venues is a time consuming and error prone task. MayStreet ensures your connectivity is always up-to-date and accurate.


Same interface for real-time and historical data capture for wide variety of supported inputs (FPGAs, NICs, packet-capture raw data). Complete access and transparency with an easy-to-use, open API.

Americas Equities

  • NYSE
  • Arca
  • Bats
  • Direct Edge
  • IEX
  • CHX

Americas Equity Options

  • OPRA
  • CBOE
  • ISE
  • PHLX
  • Bats
  • Miax
  • BOX
  • NYSE MKYT Options
  • Arca Options


  • CME
  • CBOE
  • NASDAQ Futures Exchange
  • ICE
  • Montreal
  • Eurex
  • HKFE

Americas FICC

  • Eris
  • BrokerTec
  • BrokerTec OMNET
  • eSpeed ITCH

European Equities

  • London Stock Exchange
  • Bats Chi-X Europe
  • NASDAQ OMX Nordic Markets
  • Turquoise Level 2 MITCH
  • Deutsche Borse Xetra
  • Euronext Paris
  • Milan Level
  • SIX Swiss Exchange


  • Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • Osaka
  • Singapore
  • HKEX
  • ASX
  • Chi-X


  • HotSpot
  • FXAll
  • FXAll bankstream
  • Integral FX
  • EBS
  • FX Spot Stream
  • LMAX


  • WEX
  • Credit Suisse Magic
  • Deutsche Bank Rapid
  • Deutsche Bank Ultra
  • Barclays BARX
  • Nomura

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