At MayStreet, we believe trading insight begins with faster access to richer data.  Our next-generation platform combines low-latency market connectivity, with high-precision data and sophisticated analytics to empower you to find near real-time answers to complex market problems.

We have built a capital markets aware integrated development workbench with Python-based queries, trading analytics and developer tools where you can run any ‘generic equation’ on our capital markets intelligent cloud.  Couple that with unparalleled access to over 3PB of low-latency, high-precision data from 125+ trading venues, validated, sorted and indexed for financial analysis, and you have the quant researcher’s heaven.

Build Your Own Analytics

We provide the first capital-markets aware, cloud-based, developer friendly integrated environment for you to answer complex market micro-structure questions, benchmark trading performance and build improved algos.

Data-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Our capital markets intelligent cloud, offers unparalleled access to 3PB of high-precision, historical data designed for complex, real-time financial analysis. Translate data into capital markets insight using MayStreet Data-as-a-Service (DaaS).

High-Precision Market Data

MayStreet captures, validates and stores 3-years of historical market data with accurate GPS time-stamps at 100ns resolution.

Always Improving

Our goal is to always be improving. We are adding new tools and analytics every month to help bring insight into latency, venue selection, market liquidity, real-time TCA and regulatory questions around transparency and best execution.



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