Leverage low-latency market data and order entry feed handlers to 125+ execution venues.

Access richer, deeper, high-precision, GPS-stamped market data for listed global markets in one place.

Deploy superior monitoring and data capture of all network-level data across your trading operation.

Translate data into actionable trading insight in real-time.

Capital Markets Intelligent Cloud

At MayStreet, we believe capital markets technology begins with faster access to richer data.  Our next-generation platform combines low-latency market connectivity, high-precision data and sophisticated analytics to empower you to find answers to complex market problems in real-time.  Using unique data capture and handling methodology, we have assembled a wide range of high-quality data sets to give you deeper insight into capital markets.  Our team of high-caliber engineers and finance professionals is harnessing the speed and power of cutting edge technology to deliver trading insight to banks, brokers, investment managers and exchanges worldwide.