Our Mission

We believe that real-time insight into capital market is critical, and technology can deliver it.

We are former traders with technology backgrounds who understand contemporary markets, their dynamics and shortcomings.

We are engineers who build software and analytics to solve the most complex problems in finance.

We exist to turn high-precision data and sophisticated analytics into actionable trading insight.

We are MayStreet.


Patrick Flannery


Patrick is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of MayStreet. Prior to MayStreet, Patrick was the Director of Engineering at NYC-based equity options market maker Sumo Capital, and the Senior Engineer at Volant Trading, a multi-asset proprietary trading firm. He has unprecedented experience in building advanced trading technology for highly scalable low-latency applications in equities and derivatives markets. Originally from Milwaukee, WI, Patrick earned his BS in Computer Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Michael Lehr


Michael is responsible for all aspects of software development, data operations and processes at MayStreet. Mike has a breadth of experience managing a wide range of technology groups. Most recently, he served as the VP of Engineering at Organic Motion, a leader in computer vision and computer graphics. Prior to that, Michael held a variety of technology leadership positions at Sarnoff Research Labs and Lockheed Martin. Originally from Tarrytown, NY, Mike earned his BA in Computer and Cognitive Science from the University of Rochester. He also holds a Masters of Science in Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.

Advisory Board

  • Jace Kohlmeier

    Citadel, ex-Head of High Frequency Trading Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities

    Jace is a trading industry veteran. He was previously Head of High Frequency Trading, Fixed Income Currencies and Commodities at Citadel, and was as co-founder and President of Teza Technologies. After four years in the non-profit sector as Dean of Data Science at Khan Academy, he is an active entrepreneur and investor in both electronic and private markets.

  • Ido Rosen

    FDO Partners, Principal

    Ido is a machine learning expert, software developer and quantitative trading strategist. He is currently working on quantitative investment strategies at FDO Partners in Boston. Ido has vast amount of experience in machine learning, distributed systems, multicore and parallel programming, supercomputing, low latency networks and software.


Engineering Culture

MayStreet is built on a thriving engineering culture. Founded by longtime developers with trading experience, we view markets through a technologist’s lens. Our team of developers is valued at the highest level of the organization. MayStreet’s software is designed from the ground up with a clear, well-maintained code base that is easy for good developers to program and further develop. With software engineering at its core, MayStreet recognizes and rewards the incredible importance of top engineering talent.

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Job Postings

We’re looking for C++ big data developers to focus on using our fintech firm's flagship product, Bellport™, to interpret, sort, index and compress global capital market data.

Our newest technical writer will be responsible for expanding and improving our client facing API and related documentation.