A Nasdaq Speed Upgrade Is Threatening IEX

20 Oct 2016 In The News

An overhaul at Nasdaq will sharply shrink the time it takes for trades to be published on its consolidated feed of stock prices

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The Supercharged SIP, IEX Speed Bumps and Latency

04 Oct 2016 In The News

The Securities Information Processor, or SIP, long regarded as a default way of receiving data on Wall Street, is about to become turbocharged. And IEX customers are about to receive IEX data from the SIP 10 times faster than from the market itself.

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These Metrics Spot Signs Of ETF Failures

21 Sep 2016 In The News

With the number of exchange-traded funds continuing to grow at what some across the industry call an “unsustainable” rate, a new trend is beginning to attract attention: the risk, if not rise, of ETF closures.

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What Happens If Investors (and Cyber Criminals) Can Access CAT’s Data Goldmine?

01 Aug 2016 In The News

If cyber criminals were able to hack their way into the massive CAT database, the investors’ group wrote, they could inflict significant financial harm on investors and the market. In expressing these concerns, the group acknowledged something about the SEC’s CAT that’s becoming increasingly apparent to the market: It will be a goldmine of market information.

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Low-Latency Renaissance? High-Speed Data Tools Aren’t Just for High-Frequency Traders

12 Jul 2016 In The News

Many technologically advanced firms compete on their understanding of market microstructure, and the tools are in place for firms of all sizes to query live and historical data as market events are unfolding. To better compete with high-frequency trading firms, many buy-side firms are adopting some of the same sophisticated technology that the HFT firms use.

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