TabbFORUM: What Happens If Investors (and Cyber Criminals) Can Access CAT’s Data Goldmine?

01 Aug 2016

If cyber criminals were able to hack their way into the massive CAT database, the investors’ group wrote, they could inflict significant financial harm on investors and the market. In expressing these concerns, the group acknowledged something about the SEC’s CAT that’s becoming increasingly apparent to the market: It will be a goldmine of market information.

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TabbFORUM: Low-Latency Renaissance? High-Speed Data Tools Aren’t Just for High-Frequency Traders

12 Jul 2016

Many technologically advanced firms compete on their understanding of market microstructure, and the tools are in place for firms of all sizes to query live and historical data as market events are unfolding. To better compete with high-frequency trading firms, many buy-side firms are adopting some of the same sophisticated technology that the HFT firms use.

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TabbFORUM: Market Data Feed Fight, a SIP Alternative and … Uber

23 Mar 2016

The question of market data fees is central to the entire high-frequency trading discussion and to exchanges’ profitability. But the exchanges’ move to continue to raise the costs of data feeds could backfire, as alternatives could emerge that would make higher-quality data available to a much wider audience and undercut exchange volume.

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TabbFORUM: Almost Always Liquid: August 24 ETF Breakdown and Post-Traumatic Stress

30 Sep 2015

Under normal circumstances, the cumulative value of the assets that comprise an ETF and the value of the ETF itself move and trade in lock-step. But August 24 was not a normal trading day, as there was a breakdown between ETFs and their corresponding intraday Net Asset Values. The question is: How should abnormally large differences in iNAV and ETF values be handled?

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TabbFORUM: 3 Reasons Why Better Transaction Analytics Aren’t Being Implemented – But Should Be

18 Aug 2015

The technology is available to empower better transaction analytics and increased execution transparency. So why aren’t brokers offering it to their clients? And why aren’t buy-side firms demanding it?

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